Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surface fishing Walleye video

Wife came down and surprised me with a visit so I convinced her to make a video to show a little bit of what I've been up to. I'm not much into editing video so please just enjoy the simplicity!
When surface fishing Walleye they don't seem to be overly fussy, similar to Pike they will readily attack mice, Bass bugs, poppers and even smaller dry fly's commonly used for Trout such as Humpty's and Stimulator's. The most important aspect of this style is to key in on feeding time and create a wake.
I will typically head out between 8-10pm and begin fishing sub-surface with a Clouser and locate the school or pockets where they will hold up. If things slow down or I notice any rise on the water I will switch to a gurgler in a 1 or 2/0. Most of the action heats up when it becomes dark and usually continues longer than I can.
At some point I will put up more fly pics and show a bit more of the leader system I'm using and an explanation as to the reasons. Cheers!
Video taken with Iphone by my wife who filmed with no knowledge of how to use it. So sorry for not having the video in widescreen!


Mags said...

So, whats the secret? Thats pretty cool and I live in Walleye country. The only time I think I could do this is early spring (opener) with clousers and such. Is it a special waterway or some kind of big mayfly hatch? Very cool!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Now thats the last place I'd look for Walleye. Awesome little video Danny.