Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fiver caught tonight

Caught 5 pike today and a nice Walleye at 5lb 10oz. Sorry about the same old boring photo's everyone I'll try to get things a little better.

Nice Walleye

I sent a text to find out how JS has been making out and he sent me this pic via Blackberry so the quality is not that great but you can see he managed a very nice Pickeral. He never specified weight but I would guess by looking at it to be a 5-6 lb'er. Good job

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walleye first timer

As I was out the other day a fisherman from Quebec approached me and inquired about what specie I was targeting, he moved to Peace River in February and never new the possibilities outside his front door and instead was opting to fish the stocked ponds. I lent him a 7wt rod to use for a bit and told him it would be best in the evening after sunset so he joined me then with his own equipment. He was ecstatic that he could now fish for something wild after being more familiar with Sea trout and Salmon
Congratulations JS on your first Walleye on the fly and will see you out there soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Furled leaders

last month after a few years of thinking about furled leaders I was looking through eBay and thought about buying some and wondered really what was involved in creating one instead of having to pay 10 bucks and sit and wait for the mail man so I started with YouTube and searched and found one video in particular that made it a snap to do. I finally used one last night made from 30lb mono and use a 20lb tippet and a Southbend Invisileader which is a 36lb ultra strong, ultra thin wire with a good snap lock for changing hooks quickly and had alot of success in the Walleye department and never really had a chance to chuck the real heavy flies to test the turn over. really excited about the potential, I was never really content with my leader set up but think I may be onto something more permanent.
Went out tonight at 9 pm and did really well catching 18 Walleye and 3 small Jack in just under 3 hours. I thought I would make a video and try one handed fishing and looks like it worked out.. thankfully the fish wasn't large enough to mess the viewing up.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Many apologies to those who check in with my blog occasionally I have been fairly busy enjoying the great weather with the kids. I have been out fishing a few times but I've lately been having issues with my point and shoot camera and then I've been having a few problems with the old pc and programming errors.
Routinely I wander down to a little trib that flows but only a few hundred meters from my step at around 8 to 9 pm and fish until after 12 and usually catch between 10 to 15 Walleye and the odd foot long Pike. All of the them under 2 lbs, fun.. yet frustrating waiting for the big boys of last year and hoping its not going to be this way until fall.
The fish in the photos are caught on 1/o Gamakatsu sl12s Clousers and a few on small gurglers with a foam wing that make it look like an airplane (GurgleBombers?) I started putting a wing in my poppers last year thinking maybe they would be similar to a Stonefly.. not really sure it makes a huge difference but my kids get a kick out of them.
(My nephew Dustin featured in pics)