Monday, August 27, 2012

Boys and they're first Walleye

Grabbed the boys and their spin gear and headed to the river, I thought I would put some of my Intruders on their line since they have significant weight to them. With the typically fast current I've been tying them on cotter pins with a loop added to allow a change in hooks as per Intruder tying recipe. I admit it was great to watch them cast and reel it in just bouncing off the bottom with minimal snagging.

Terrace BC once again

Slipped over to Terrace late July for my wife's grandma's funeral and had some spare time to get some fishing in caught around 20 sockeye and one Chinook. Bad thing is that I broke my Spey rod casting to close to trees!!
Such a beautiful part of the country, maybe some day I can purchase some land over there for retirement.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fishing overlooked areas

Slipped out last evening for fish at a small barely flowing creek that was backed up with high levels from the main river. Walleye were cornering bait fish in the shallows and Pike were hanging out along the edges waiting for a potential meal to come too close. If you tend to explore most tributaries, give the ones that are merely a trickle a try and you'll likely find a feeding area that's often over looked.
 I caught near 10 Walleye and 3 small Pike, two of which had very fresh wounds that were clearly from a much larger Pike that was lurking somewhere nearby.
This one's interest was peaked with a egg sucking leach Intruder!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mud, Steelhead, Intruders

Pretty funny how I was expecting to start posting again and never did since January! Well.. Life has certainly been busy with a change in employers a few days after that post. Since then I've had only 6 days off for vacation, yes that's right.. 6 days since February!
The fishing in my area has been pretty much a bust locally for Walleye fishing in the rivers, (bloody rain)
though I was lucky enough to head to Terrace for those days off and catch my first wild Steelhead.
Not the powerhouse like the Kings but has been a dream of mine for some time.
Through the winter I was acquiring a Spey set-up for the summer Chinook run over there and have been bitten hard by the Intruder pattern which I will use for Walleye and Pike here too.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Geezus Lizard tutorial

 Its been a long time since there has been time with work and children to sit down and tie up some flies, though I have been collecting material here and there and even another reel of which I found hard to resist. I do hope to contribute more often than not and will find some tid-bit to post as time goes on. 
Any how I really dig this furled dubbing loop idea. I tried it out on a variation of another fly and found it worked excellent. would be nice to try a mono loop and add a stinger on the tail. not sure if that would work but I'll give it a go. 
Enjoy the tutorial and many thanks to Jay Zimmerman and other Bass tiers and their unique perspectives at the vice.    

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Skeena River, Terrace, British Columbia

Went to Terrace to visit my wifes relatives and hooked up with some locals and slayed a few Chinook Salmon and Dolly Varden.. Such an awesome place to be and excellent fisherman to hang with.
Bathtub shot is a 50lb Chinook caught by a fishing partner.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surface fishing Walleye video

Wife came down and surprised me with a visit so I convinced her to make a video to show a little bit of what I've been up to. I'm not much into editing video so please just enjoy the simplicity!
When surface fishing Walleye they don't seem to be overly fussy, similar to Pike they will readily attack mice, Bass bugs, poppers and even smaller dry fly's commonly used for Trout such as Humpty's and Stimulator's. The most important aspect of this style is to key in on feeding time and create a wake.
I will typically head out between 8-10pm and begin fishing sub-surface with a Clouser and locate the school or pockets where they will hold up. If things slow down or I notice any rise on the water I will switch to a gurgler in a 1 or 2/0. Most of the action heats up when it becomes dark and usually continues longer than I can.
At some point I will put up more fly pics and show a bit more of the leader system I'm using and an explanation as to the reasons. Cheers!
Video taken with Iphone by my wife who filmed with no knowledge of how to use it. So sorry for not having the video in widescreen!