Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bench work

Have to get back to the bench and get this season ready with some unchewed hooks. Here are a few Clousers to start. For me they are the cats @ss working them off the bottom.

Colton fly rods

Last year my niece somehow broke my favorite 7wt. with a truck door none the less, a fishing rods worst enemy so I just replaced with a Colton Tradewinds 9'0 7wt. Pretty excited and can't wait to rig it up with 8wt. Wulff Triangle taper and my Waterworks ULA Force 3x

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fish on

Well its certainly been awhile since I made a post. Nearly a year!
I must say its been a hectic one at that with three young boys and the eldest being 4. Now there is a vague picture planted in your head of consistent nagging, whining, crying, fighting, pooping, puking... etc. etc. Of course there are the great moments as well that goes without saying.
Its a new season and I hope to be around the fishing holes and maybe a few trips and get this site back in action, so until then I'll leave a pic of a nice Pike I hooked a couple of days ago.
I caught her on a chartreuse deer hair, fleye style 4/0 that she inhaled to her gills, I snipped the hook and left it in, snapped a crappy pic with the Iphone and sent her on.