Sunday, July 17, 2011

Skeena River, Terrace, British Columbia

Went to Terrace to visit my wifes relatives and hooked up with some locals and slayed a few Chinook Salmon and Dolly Varden.. Such an awesome place to be and excellent fisherman to hang with.
Bathtub shot is a 50lb Chinook caught by a fishing partner.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surface fishing Walleye video

Wife came down and surprised me with a visit so I convinced her to make a video to show a little bit of what I've been up to. I'm not much into editing video so please just enjoy the simplicity!
When surface fishing Walleye they don't seem to be overly fussy, similar to Pike they will readily attack mice, Bass bugs, poppers and even smaller dry fly's commonly used for Trout such as Humpty's and Stimulator's. The most important aspect of this style is to key in on feeding time and create a wake.
I will typically head out between 8-10pm and begin fishing sub-surface with a Clouser and locate the school or pockets where they will hold up. If things slow down or I notice any rise on the water I will switch to a gurgler in a 1 or 2/0. Most of the action heats up when it becomes dark and usually continues longer than I can.
At some point I will put up more fly pics and show a bit more of the leader system I'm using and an explanation as to the reasons. Cheers!
Video taken with Iphone by my wife who filmed with no knowledge of how to use it. So sorry for not having the video in widescreen!

Few pics

Monday, June 13, 2011

40+ in hours

Last night I had the most phenomenal experience! I went out to my hole at about 8pm caught about 4 pike and a couple Walleye in an hour and then switched to popping at about 9:30 and the bite was on, the fish were voracious and schooling aggressively, nearly every cast was a fish landed. It was beyond anything I've ever experienced, I lost count at 10 and would say 40 Walleye landed conservatively. My Iphone lost power way before the stupidity began so I couldn't get enough pics or video.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Few pics

Had an hour to spare this evening and checked out a few local spots. Things were a bit slow at first and decided to move out of the faster water to a nice calm area under a bridge and started catching as soon as the hook hit water with a Pike around 5lbs, moments later a Goldeye and 3 Walleye on White/Black Clouser. It was one of those moments that was turning into an awesome outing that unfortunately had to be cut short. If only for another hour!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fishing lessons

I had a chance the other day to get down to the river and give the boys a lesson on catching Goldeye with a float and a little piece of Deer meat. We had such a great time. Marshall the youngest at 3yrs caught 3 while Judah at 4 landed 1 and was a bit miffed that his little bro out fished him.

Late Walleye

First Walleye of the season caught on a white bunny. The Peace River has been high and muddy and hasn't been very productive for fly fishing at the times I've been able to get out. I finished my week on at work and had the opportunity to stay out a little longer and landed one, they were just starting to feed on my offerings at 11:30pm but was cut short by some company and decided to pack it in.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nice Pike but skunked on Walleye

All of my fishing holes are officially open for business so I went out for an hour this evening and was hoping to land a Walleye and hooked into a nice Pike on about the tenth cast.
It was a little tense because I was using an 8lb mono tippet. The river was high and he headed straight for fast current providing some great runs, as I neared him to shore he fought hard and headed into some floating driftwood amongst flooded willows. I was certain he would get off but remained patient and landed him with a graceful face wash and a boot full of water.
Below is the fly, Orange marabou, silver silly legs, and I think finn raccoon head with silver cone on Gamakatsu sl-12s, size 1/0.
Unfortunately no Walleye!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bench work

Have to get back to the bench and get this season ready with some unchewed hooks. Here are a few Clousers to start. For me they are the cats @ss working them off the bottom.

Colton fly rods

Last year my niece somehow broke my favorite 7wt. with a truck door none the less, a fishing rods worst enemy so I just replaced with a Colton Tradewinds 9'0 7wt. Pretty excited and can't wait to rig it up with 8wt. Wulff Triangle taper and my Waterworks ULA Force 3x

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fish on

Well its certainly been awhile since I made a post. Nearly a year!
I must say its been a hectic one at that with three young boys and the eldest being 4. Now there is a vague picture planted in your head of consistent nagging, whining, crying, fighting, pooping, puking... etc. etc. Of course there are the great moments as well that goes without saying.
Its a new season and I hope to be around the fishing holes and maybe a few trips and get this site back in action, so until then I'll leave a pic of a nice Pike I hooked a couple of days ago.
I caught her on a chartreuse deer hair, fleye style 4/0 that she inhaled to her gills, I snipped the hook and left it in, snapped a crappy pic with the Iphone and sent her on.