Monday, August 27, 2012

Boys and they're first Walleye

Grabbed the boys and their spin gear and headed to the river, I thought I would put some of my Intruders on their line since they have significant weight to them. With the typically fast current I've been tying them on cotter pins with a loop added to allow a change in hooks as per Intruder tying recipe. I admit it was great to watch them cast and reel it in just bouncing off the bottom with minimal snagging.

Terrace BC once again

Slipped over to Terrace late July for my wife's grandma's funeral and had some spare time to get some fishing in caught around 20 sockeye and one Chinook. Bad thing is that I broke my Spey rod casting to close to trees!!
Such a beautiful part of the country, maybe some day I can purchase some land over there for retirement.