Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nice Pike but skunked on Walleye

All of my fishing holes are officially open for business so I went out for an hour this evening and was hoping to land a Walleye and hooked into a nice Pike on about the tenth cast.
It was a little tense because I was using an 8lb mono tippet. The river was high and he headed straight for fast current providing some great runs, as I neared him to shore he fought hard and headed into some floating driftwood amongst flooded willows. I was certain he would get off but remained patient and landed him with a graceful face wash and a boot full of water.
Below is the fly, Orange marabou, silver silly legs, and I think finn raccoon head with silver cone on Gamakatsu sl-12s, size 1/0.
Unfortunately no Walleye!

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