Sunday, June 13, 2010


Many apologies to those who check in with my blog occasionally I have been fairly busy enjoying the great weather with the kids. I have been out fishing a few times but I've lately been having issues with my point and shoot camera and then I've been having a few problems with the old pc and programming errors.
Routinely I wander down to a little trib that flows but only a few hundred meters from my step at around 8 to 9 pm and fish until after 12 and usually catch between 10 to 15 Walleye and the odd foot long Pike. All of the them under 2 lbs, fun.. yet frustrating waiting for the big boys of last year and hoping its not going to be this way until fall.
The fish in the photos are caught on 1/o Gamakatsu sl12s Clousers and a few on small gurglers with a foam wing that make it look like an airplane (GurgleBombers?) I started putting a wing in my poppers last year thinking maybe they would be similar to a Stonefly.. not really sure it makes a huge difference but my kids get a kick out of them.
(My nephew Dustin featured in pics)

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