Thursday, March 18, 2010

Michael and Pike

Here is some food for thought from
Michael and Pike: "The Size Thing. Is bigger better? I don't want to get in a 'big' discussion here but probably will? Although there will be exceptions, big pike take big flies! In many waters most fish are caught on middle size flies (15-20 cm) and the fisherman are happy. Every once in a while a big pike (10 kg ) is taken. When using big flies (25-35 cm) you will get fewer strikes and catch less but when you do they will be bigger pike! The same applies to trout in lakes on a different scale, I have caught countless trout (50 cm ) on pike flies 15-20 cm long. There are big pike in every pike water, why are they so seldom caught? Three main factors; 1) Large baits aren't used that often. 2) After eating a big meal they may go a week before feeding again (especially in winter). 3) They haven't lived so long by being stupid! The flies shown above are 28-34 cm long. Tied in Popovics 'Hollow Fleye' style on a extended length of 60 lb mono with Ad Swier Absolute Pike hooks. They are durable, shed water quickly, have little or no wind resistance, and swim perfectly. And yes they catch pike!"

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